About Wu Jing

Jing Wu was born in Jiangsu, China. Fifteen month after her birth, she developed a tumor, retinoblastoma, which resulted in the loss of her eyesight. Jing truly loves music, and her ambition was to become an outstanding musician. At the age of ten,Jing began to study the Chinese bamboo flute and the western flute.From twelve years old,she joined the school orchestra and performed around Jiangsu province.Soon,the orchestra received the first prize at the Jiangsu provincial symphony orchestra competition.Three years later,Jing received first prize as a solo flutist at the Jiangsu instrumental competition and third prize at the China national instrumental competition.In 2004,Jing attended flute lesson with the current principal flute at the China National Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, Han Guoliang.Later,Jing studied in the United States of America with flute professor, Vanita Hall Jones.During her studies in the USA,Jing had solo performances in Washington DC,Atlanta,Rockville,Baltimore,New York,Boston,San Francisco,etc.Once again,she uses her music to light up people’s heart.Jing is currently a student of prestigious Swedish flutist, Jan Bengtson, current principal flutist at the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Benny Andersson’s Orchestra and Swedish Luxurious Orchestra.

Jing dedicates her life to bring joy and love to people through music. As she said, “Music wakened my soul and lightened my heart.
It gave me inspiration and strength to live and overcome challenges.
Wish music brings you peace, joy and happiness!”